Why GAW Miners is a scam – The Merkle News

Demand tomorrow that each news site state PUBLICLY if they are owned by Garza / GAW. Garza still refuses to reveal which site he owns and so do the potential sites.

Josh Garza recently purchased a cryptocurrency publication but outright refuses to name which one.
With the launch of PayCoin we now see many NEWS sites piling in to pump it. So we are left to wonder... which site did he purchase?
He refuses to reveal which one. So demand that each site reveal if they are owned by Garza or not. We have a right to know which "press outlet" is owned by Garza and which one isn't.
Any site that doesn't publicly deny he owns them could be owned by him. Surely all of the site operators understand if they falsely say they aren't owned by Garza that it will be destructive to the trust of the site when it comes out otherwise.
Every user should DEMAND to know.
Paging DavidParkerCCN DynamicDK Brad-Edwards gamerandy
Claims to NOT be owned by GAW Miners
Know of other potential sites? List them in the comments and I'll edit this list ASAP.
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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 360 - Special Edition: On Paycoin / Shibe Saturday #3

Hey all, GoodShibe here!
Today is Shibe Saturday! However I feel that today's regularly scheduled Shibe Saturday post needs to be set aside for a bit of a breakdown on the current Paycoin situation that's unfolding. If you're here for Shibe Saturday, please pop to the end of this post for a list of all the fantastic merchants that we have available to us plus you can use our new Dogecoin Prize List (beta) to help you figure out what you can buy with the DOGE that you have! :D)
On Paycoin:
One of the good things about having experience is the ability to recognize patterns as they emerge. The more experience you have, the quicker you tend to notice when things are going sideways before they go sideways. Quiet signs that others might not yet notice will ping off of your peripheral. Red flags go up quicker.
Sometimes you end up being wrong, sure. But the thing is that at the end of the day, you're paying attention. You're watching. You're ready.
As the FoundeCreator of the Dogecoin Defense Force (/DogecoinDefenseForce) I used to see all sorts of people buying GAW-brand miners and such. Heck, GAW had quite a bit of good standing across multiple crypto-communities back in the day when they used to sell actual physical miners that would rest in your home.
Here's an article from back when GAW partnered with Zeus back in May-ish of last year.
Zeus Miners Hosting Deal With GAWMiners Brings A New Manufacturer To The World Market
But here's the thing: You're creating a machine that literally prints money.
And once you realize that, well...
First came the multiple waves of 'better' and 'better' miners.
They'd sell one generation of miners then start selling the next gen within months, while selling the 'last' gen at deep discounts. The newer machines with easier access to hashpower were pushing up the difficulty, making it harder for those who'd had the earlier generations to make even a fraction of their money back.
People who'd just bought the 'last' gen, months earlier, found themselves in an arms race to keep up.
And the star started to fall.
Then came the idea of 'hosted miners'. You could buy the physical miner, they would hold it for you, pay the electricity and you'd get the coins (for a small fee). At first you could actually write to them and get them to send you the miner, if you wanted. Then you couldn't. You were also stuck mining wherever they wanted to mine.
If you wanted to mine some other altcoin or whatnot, tough luck. You got the coins they gave you and then you had to swap them out for the coin you wanted.
Then came 'Hashlets'. You bought a tiny slice of the pie. Pay X number of dollars, get X number of 'Hashlets'... only there was no actual physical 'end' to the number of Hashlets that there could be. So if you'd gone crazy and bought a share equal to 1% of the total number of available Hashlets, over time, as they added more power, etc to the network, your 'share' decreased. Add in a 'maintenance fee' that just happened to end up soaking up whatever little money you were actually making, and, well, you come to the harsh realization that you've just paid them to build a mining network off of your back.
Sure, you still 'owned' the hashlets, but only in name. You'd never, ever see any money from them.
Heck, you can't even buy physical miners from them anymore (outside of one bitcoin Rocketbox and used bundles of incredibly outdated Gridseeds).
Now it's just all-Hashlets, all the time. And why wouldn't they? Selling virtual, always shrinking, slices of a server farm is way, way more profitable for them than selling hardware.
But is it profitable for you?
Feel free to ask around, to talk to any number of the home-based miners who've been burned over the last year.
So, then comes talk of Hashcoin... then Paycoin and all these pie-in-the-sky claims. I can go into detail but this /Bitcoin post sums it all up rather nicely:
GAW Miners - Liars, Frauds - A brief recap of what we know.
And all along the way, people who know have been trying to say 'stay away' and 'be careful' - because these aren't the actions of a company with your best interests at heart.
So, what's different about Paycoin, why do people seem so much more 'up at arms' than they were before?
Because people appear to be buying in, en masse... and they appear to be getting hurt already. Claims of users being banned just for asking pointed questions and claims of lack of transparency and frustration from those who bought in based on promises that Josh had made.
What's worse, it seems like those who are actively defending Paycoin are acting like this thing is all being overblown. And maybe it would be... if not for all of the shady stuff in the past that I'd just listed (let alone all the stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting).
At the end of the day, coins like Paycoin damage the entire credibility of the Crypto-sphere and help re-enforce negative views of all cryptocurrencies.
The people burned here, in this fire, will not be coming back - moreso, they will be out there telling everyone they know to stay away from all cryptos.
This is another reason why so many Crypto-communities are standing together. They've seen this coming, they've warned people away -- and now that this thing seems to be catching fire and blowing up, they're trying to protect others from hopping into the flames with those already engulfed.
It's sad to say but the history here, all the things that came before Paycoin, has lead me to believe that what we're seeing is a company run amok, high on waves of endless greed - and, unfortunately, a whole lot of pissed off/frightened/angry investors who are caught in the middle.
Stay safe out there, my friends!
Shibe Saturday!
Only have a bit of Dogecoin?
Use our Dogecoin Prize List (Beta) to figure out what you can buy with the DOGEs that you have!
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Dogecoin Business Directories!
Use these to help you find businesses that accept Dogecoins!
We also have the 'Hire a Shibe' wiki! (Shibes hiring Shibes to work for Dogecoin!) and Dogerr.com which also allows Shibes to post their skills/abilities and get paid in Dogecoin!
It's 8:55AM EST and we've found 97.25% of our first 100 Billion DOGEs -- only 2.75% remains until we hit our soft cap! Our Global Hashrate is up slightly from ~1270 to ~1280 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is down slightly from ~20232 to ~19363.
As always, I appreciate your support!
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*per Request, My late night (12am) opinions on why we should have a bright outlook on Doge. *Warning* Wall of Text. Let the massacre begin =/

Our community is incredible. This is the #1 reason that every site and every person that discusses Dogecoin, gives for our success and potential. The #1 path to success for a currency is widespread adoption. We now have tipping apps in Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Steam and Mohland has set it up so that any site can add tipbot. The more people who have Doge in their "hands" the more people that will use/tip/desire more.
We have businesses all over that accept Doge.
Here are some sites:
1 Buy Doge easily http://weselldoges.com
2 Auction site http://www.suchlist.com/
3 Auction Site http://www.stuffcoins.com/doge/
Moolah is making(made?) it possible to pay for anything with cryptocurrencies . Moolah also has an escrow to protect buyer and seller. They are also working toward making it easier to purchase Dogecoins.
We have a great reputation as philanthropists and we sponsored a professional personality (Josh Wise) who has been great to our community and got us incredible exposure (a first).
Our price has proven incredibly stable overall. Think about it, we were pumped, but the "dump" took over 3 months. That means we have a community that while not rich, truly supports the coin. Part of what has caused the decline in price is the large number of fundraisers we have done in a short time, too many coins on the market instead of in wallets (I'm talking coins being dumped, not casually spent) leads to a decrease due to supply/demand. which leads us to...
The next halvening is a few weeks away, BUT... it will drop us to 62500 Doge, under 100k per block, will make a huge drop in dumping. Also there are sites that now mine other coins and pay in Doge like http://multi.pandapool.info/ . They mine X11 or scrypt(no doge dumping) and do the exchange for Doge/panda delivered to your wallet address. This gets Dogecoins off of exchanges dumped by other multipools.
Speaking of less coins available, at the halvening we will have around 85% coins mined, which leaves about 6 months to mine the last 15% before inflationary starts. Some say the deflationary blocks are against the spirit of Crypto/digital as Satoshi and libertarians who make up a large part of our community, desired non-inflationary vs. the fiat structure. The best part of inflationary blocks is the lessened effect of lost wallets/coins. Our coin will have a more stable price even if someone declares they lost their 100,000,000Ð wallet. We also won't face the shortages other coins may face if most are saved instead of spent. Look at the coin mintage numbers around 1930 at the start of the Depression, it certainly didn't help us come out with less money to circulate.
The hashrate has increased 45% or so, in the last week, partly due to ASICS, the halvening, and the fact that people have faith in Doge vs other Scrypt coins. Gaw miners is giving credit because Scrypt profits went down overall faster than they thought. Again, more faith in Doge.
The simplicity of our coin also makes it a great "entry level" coin, but also long term- we all know what we're getting/got. The coin community always looks to new coins for "features," "what does it bring?" But many of these neato coins do well for a while and then kinda drop off. Fluttercoin for example had a lot of different neat things, it spiked before a halving, then the price tanked. PoS coins follow the same pattern, release, cheap, mine mine, OMG PoW going away! Price Spike, pump N dump, then the coins drop drastically. Blackcoin hasn been somewhat of an exception, but I'm watching Cryptcoin. It just sucks when coins are only mineable for a week and by the time you even HEAR about them, the pools are shut down. Things like digi shield, or Fractal Coin has Slingshield which is supposed to move from 51% a 71% hashrate attack necessary. That may be good, but I haven't looked much into it. Gimmicky stuff is just that though, gimmicks.
Bitcoin blocks take about 10 minutes, difficulty adjusts for this, that means that a transaction will most likely take 7+ minutes to get 1 confirm. Dogecoin blocks take about 1 minute which means we are much faster. I did a few BTC transactions and had to wait the full 10 minutes, I bought some Doge from Weselldoges and I had my doge in about a minute. We win for speed. For volumes of cheaper items Doge wins.
We haven't seen much FUD since the big run a month ago, I guess they gave up at least for a while lol.
It appears we may have finally broken the tie to BTC price.
I know I'm forgetting something, but this should help =)
*I know I made some spelling mistakes. Also forgot a lot of stuff, it was 12am. From here
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[WTS] Zeus Miner, Thunder x6 20Mh/s, PSU included! $350, shipping to and from US only.

Hello shibes,
Looking to sell my Zeus Thunder x6 20Mh/s (my average is 21.36Mh/s; used 1 month, purchased new) plus a 750W Evga PSU (PSU is only a month old, retailed at $75) for $350, the buyer and I will split the shipping costs, tracking included. I don't know the exact power usage, but from what I can tell its right about 600W (For some reason Zeus rated it at 440W; probably when running at the lowest clock). If you live in Ohio close enough to me I might even drop it off to you for free.
Picture: http://imgur.com/g7IELjV
Send me a PM or leave a comment with questions.
Links to show I'm a good guy:
Giveaways I've done:
Two other miners currently in the process of selling (Package en route):
Pizza I bought on BitcoinTalk a while back:
I can also link to my ebay account in a PM if you wish.
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Reminiscence of GAW

It was 2014 and a Facebook friend of mine kept on posting about "bitcoin mining" and how this company called Gaw Miners was making him $400k a year. I asked him about it and we ended up speaking on the phone - he said how AMAZING this system was and how he purchased all of these "hashlets" that earn him bitcoin over time. I was thinking - wtf is this a money machine? To that he answered, YES!
So I looked into it and it seemed pretty legit. I wanted to get my family and friends involved BUT I didn't want them to drop any of their money yet just in case. I wanted to be sure.
I purchased some hashlets and lo and behold HOLY SHIT I got some bitcoin fragments in return. I thought it was too good to be true. I transfered some of my mined bitcoin from my zen wallet to my bitcoin wallet and withdrew it to my bank. I made money.
I honestly could see the appeal at first. A few weeks later, I began to notice that the daily payout seemed to decrease - but of course like a religion, everyone on the HashTalk forum was saying "nope! It will rise again!" and everyone hailed Josh Garza (the CEO of GAW) as their lord and savior.
On the hashlet market, people were able to buy and sell hashlets to each other. The prices of hashlets would fluctuate, sort of like stocks. With this, I saw another opportunity. I noticed - people were buying hashlets more than bitcoin in this community.
I purchased a number of zen hashlets, and prime hashlets, I waited a few days for the market price to increase, and I sold them for higher. I did this enough times where I made a few hundred dollars just from selling hashlets DESPITE the bitcoin payout decreasing.
The payout was at an all time low and suddenly the lord and savior Josh Garza comes out with "paycoin", some other new bitcoin-like currency where people who had prime hashlets were rewarded. I risked an uncomfortable amount of money in purchasing a number of prime hashlets in hopes that the community was full of people stupid enough to buy them for twice the price.
They were.
At this point, I made close to a total of a thousand dollars, with maybe like $8 of it coming from actual mined bitcoin. I saw the trend, saw the anger, saw the collapse and saw the lawsuits - I sold my remaining hashlets (at a loss unfortunately) but still came out on top. I made money with GAW but not in the way it was intended. Now, it's been a couple years since I dicked around with GAW and I swear.. it's like watching a forest fire. The clusterfuck is so deep, so big, the petitions flying around are so massive and the scandals are so immense that I've never been so grateful that I dipped without being stuck on the receiving end of this scam. I am even further grateful that I never brought my friends or family into it either.
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In case anyone still has GAW Miners cloudhashing, I'd strongly suggest you consider trading/selling whatever you can for BTC.

In case you are not aware, GAW has been investing a lot of their efforts into their new cryptocurrency called "Paycoin" (formerly called Hashcoin). While anyone is to welcome make their own judgment, I personally believe it is a scam.
The gist of the coin is that people were "allowed" to save up their profits from cloud mining as "hashpoints," rather than cashing out Bitcoin. Miners could then use $4 worth of otherwise useless hashpoints to purchase this new Paycoin.
But why would a miner want to do that? Well, because GAW is "guaranteeing" a 400% profit margin on day 1. They claim that they have banking partners and investors that will put up $100 million to make sure the price stays above $20, and that they expect it to go even higher than that. (The coin is supposedly live now and on coinmarketcap, but I wouldn't count it as truly live until miners are actually given the coins they are promised.)
But of course, no legitimate institution has stepped forward to lend their credibility to the project. The only name they've given out is "Stuart Fraser" of Cantor Fitzgerald LP,a financial services firm, but there is no public confirmation of this aside from GAW's own press releases.
I'm guessing this might turn out like MintPal, where by the time you have absolute certainty of the scam, it's already too late. Better to get your money out before that point. I know many in the BlackCoin community had been buying GAW cloud miners, so figured this is worth talking about here.
GAW is also notorious for censoring their own forums, so don't be surprised to come across shills and other such tactics at bitcointalk and other places (and the usual pump/dump crowd, of course).

Some links:

http://www.paycoin.com/ (Paycoin site, has links to re-blogged press releases)
http://gawminers.eu/news/hashcoin-ico-customer-round-qa-transcript-yesterday-evening/ (Old FAQ, not sure if something is more recent but this details their claims to pump up the coin with unnamed banks and investors)
http://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/2pzzcl/demand_tomorrow_that_each_news_site_state/ (bitcoin thread alleging GAW purchased a news site to shill for Paycoin)
http://www.reddit.com/blackcoin/comments/2n4cvy/gaw_miningscamming_another_reason_why_people_will/ (Previous blackcoin thread with link to another GAW scam bitcoin thread)
https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=875487.0 (Points out instances of GAW lying about associations with Target, Amazon, Walmart, and pool users discovering that cloud hashes pointed at their own pools didn't increase hash rate (i.e., don't really exist))
https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=857670.0 (Another cloud hash/Paycoin summary thread pointing out some red flags, speculation, and various info)
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Word of warning to those of you considering buying from GAWminers

In the hopes of helping prevent someone else from falling for the same trap, I will brief you on my experience with GAWminers (a seller of ASIC mining hardware, in case you're not already familiar)
To begin with, let me just say I've never been too serious about mining Dogecoin. I already know I missed that boat when I was too late to the bitcoin party. I just like to have enough to play around with, tip out, or more recently, play some Dogecoin poker on IRC in #dogecoin-holdem (it's not mine, I just have lots of fun there). So, over the past 8 months or so, I've sort of made it a hobby to buy some hardware to grab some more doge out of the ether. A video card here and there, a new power supply to support a couple of 7970s in one box, etc. Y'know, stuff I'll still be able to use long after cryptocoins are long forgotten or whatever.
I looked from afar as ASICs took over Bitcoin and always assumed they'd make their way over to Scrypt, and that I might dabble in one at some point just for funsies.
In early July, that moment came. I saw the GAWminers fury, and after being beeped on IRC every other minute by somebody talking about their GAWminers fury (my username and their product name is an unfortunate coincidence), I decided it was time to give it a shot. Except instead of one, it was 3. Three GAWminers fury ASICs. Just for funsies. $105 each, at the time. $315 to basically have double my previous max hashing power in less than 1/10th of the power. I figure, I've spent at least twice that much on a video card which I don't use 90% of the time, might as whale. Dogecoin's fun, and this will get me more doge.
Only, it didn't stop there. I got them set up, and a week later, I could not help myself, I went ahead and bought a Black Widow too. It was priced at $450 at the time, except I had a $10 coupon sitting there for supposedly leaving my cart unchecked-out for a while. Might as whale. This same day, the price of the fury was dropped to $60 each. Alright, no big deal, price drops happen, I'll just get a credit or a refund and put it toward another Black Widow or something. Only thing that showed up in my email inbox was "request rejected", there was no explanation or anything. I guess their policy is no, then.
Not only that, but the Black Widow shortly thereafter dropped to $350, and the fury then to $40. For those keeping count, that's a little under $300 in total price drops that happened to the stuff I bought, and that's just within a couple weeks. I can only imagine what it feels like to be one of the really early adopters of this stuff who paid over $200 for a fury, or someone who poured many thousands of dollars into it.
Fast forward to some time after GAWminers updated their site, and I got directed to the support site where it turns out I actually did get a written response to my refund request--it just never made its way to my email inbox, I didn't know this support site ever existed before. It was an apologetic offer for $50 store credit and a brief claim that whatever they're pricing it at is already lower than what they get charged by their suppliers, and if they gave every customer a refund they'd go out of business, etc. (Wouldn't one go out of business by always charging less than what it costs to buy the stuff? I'm not terribly good at economics, though I would think making it up in volume is still a net negative)
I chose to give the benefit of the doubt. These are human beings behind these companies after all, and they're just trying to stay above water in a fiercely competitive and rapidly changing world. What would I do in their shoes? I don't know.
So, given their offer of a store credit (which I have not yet seen applied to my account), and some apparent speculation from the GAW CEO that mining hardware is no longer being manufactured and may rise in price, I chalk it up to bad luck, I've never been a particularly good gambler, and I'll just continue to have fun with the doge I'm mining, maybe bite once more if the mood feels right.
Sure enough, a few days ago, I see this OneMiner thing offering a Lightning X6, 42 MH/s for $700. Not a bad price, I thought to myself, as I had just spent $750 for about 20 MH/s from GAWminers. Might as whale. At this point, I am completely unaware that OneMiner is a GAWminers thing. I know, a quick Google search would have solved that question for me, but it didn't occur to me. I sure found out once the charge appeared on my bank card. $1400 for a pair of Lightning X6's from my friends at good ol' GAWminers. I meant to only purchase 1, but apparently somewhere along the line I double clicked the "I want one" button and had added a second one to my cart. Strike two for my attentiveness and foresight. That's fine, though, I was ready and willing to roll with that. I easily blow that much on phones or tablets that I hardly use. Might as whale. And GAWminers had in fact extended an offer for some store credit, so I figure they're decent enough people and I might take that store credit and buy a little thing later on to grab a few more gigglehashes.
Less than 24 hours later, the GAW CEO posted a $150 Black Widow sale (the thread for which is now deleted from hashtalk). One third the price I had just paid for a Black Widow a few weeks ago. Effectively, 6 of those would've roughly equalled the hashing rate I had just spent $1400 on (not counting the difference in power usage), so I feel like I just wasted $500 in a matter of hours. So much for mining hardware going up in price.
That's it for me. Even if they do give me the $50 store credit, I'm done doing business with a company that treats their customers in this way. They're afraid they'll go out of business if they credit back the hundreds of dollars in rapid price drops I've helped them subsidize? How about they're going to go out of business if they keep doing this and losing customers to it?
These games they play with people's hard-earned dollars only have one winner, and that winner's name is GAWminers. This stopped being fun, and shit got real, real quick.
I know, shit already got real when I spent over $2,000 again for hardware to mine a coin. I lost sight of my real goal, which was just to have fun and make more dogecoins and be able to play around with it more. But I also lost sleep over this. I lost money that I could have spent giving something good to the community or doing something good for myself like, say, some decent clothes instead of the same 4 shirts I wear over and over again. I consider myself fortunate that I didn't go even further and lose even more.
To be clear: this is entirely my fault. GAWminers' business model is very clear in that they do not care about customers--there are numerous threads just like mine all over the internet, most of them even worse off than me. The business model apparently works for GAW, or they'd have changed their policies to something more in line with other companies that I do business with. I take full responsibility for my lack of control and my being too trusting, and getting in too deep for my own good. I post this not to fish for sympathy, nor to shame GAWminers into refunding me or giving me more store credit. Like I said, I've decided I'm no longer doing business with that company anyway--it would take a pretty significant effort on their part to earn back my trust, and it wouldn't be worth it to them in the long run. Rather, I post this in the hopes that it keeps someone else from going down this same path.
It's the story of my life. Missed opportunities. It's already too late, I missed my chance to get filthy rich off bitcoin by not mining with my 7970 for all of 2012, there's nothing I can do now that will make up for it and I don't know why I thought pouring hundreds of dollars down the drain would.
Don't get lost in the same trap I did. Curb your appetite for the gigglehashes, and be content with the 20 or 30 doge you now receive per day with your dual core CPU. Or just be happy hanging around on IRC or reddit collecting tips and watching as people happily burn billions of doge. ASIC mining is a dangerous hobby to get into, and it's easy to lose your ass if you're not careful.
I leave you with a Kenny Rogers song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj4nJ1YEAp4
Time to fold 'em and run.
  1. Doge is fun. I bought 4 or 5 video cards this year to mine more doge, because doge is fun.
  2. I bought a few furies for funsies.
  3. Price drops on the furies the same day I buy a Widow. Price drops on the Widows shortly thereafter.
  4. GAWminers doesn't want to go out of business, won't credit me the full amount of the price drop.
  5. Bought a couple of Lightning X6's on OneMiner
  6. Turns out OneMiner is GAWminers. My bad.
  7. GAWminers cuts price on Black Widow by another couple hundred dollars.
  8. GAWminers doesn't want to go out of business, but won't stop dropping prices immediately after stupid people like me purchase hundreds of dollars worth of hardware.
  9. This isn't fun anymore. Don't make the same mistakes I did.
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MAD Doge - Don't Mine DogeCoins! - 6/9/2014

Edit: I know I've said this before, but it needed some updating and explaining.

Let's get this party started

Problems With Mining DogeCoins


  1. For Miners:
  2. For those with Fiat
  3. For Those who have neither
    • Post a funny meme to /dogecoin, comment on hot /dogecoin topics. Remember to keep it positive and somebody might tip you. I estimate that after 10 post replies and maybe a meme posting, you'll definitely get some DogeCoins.
    • Do what you're good at, if your'e a good painter, paint a DOGE and post it, you'll get tipped for sure.
    • Make a small game and accept tips for downloads, like Cliffhorse :P

Why is this better?

Edit: The scary sayings

As far as DogeCoin pricing in comparison to BitCoin, it's looking like we're going to climb a few satoshi, BitCoin is a bit stagnant and Cliffhorse is making some serious news. If you're clever, you'll be able to make a few Doge, but remember not to keep away from it for too long.
At the moment, I'm away from all forms of tea, so I have no new tea to chuck out there this week, I hope you enjoy the suggestions though, make yourself some MAD Doge!
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Miner Bitcoin - YouTube Genesis Mining Vs GAW Miners, Day 69 Genesis Mining Vs GAW Miners Day 2, First full Payment Comparison Josh Garza CEO GAW Miners Inside Bitcoins CryptoBiz Magazine Coin Brief Podcast #30: GAW Controversy, Paycoin, Coinbase Investment, & More

[no_toc] GAW Miners has had a rough few months. The release of GAW’s alternative to Bitcoin, known as Paycoin (XPY), did not go as they had anticipated, and even their most loyal followers seem shaken, as the featured image above shows. The $20 floor, that GAW’s CEO, Josh Garza, envisioned, was breached shortly after the currency began to trade on the open market, and at this time, the ... GAW Miners one of the world-leading cryptocurrency hardware providers, has announced the launch of the world’s most easy-to-use bitcoin miner, The Hashlet Genesis. With its starting price at $9.95 it is lower than any other bitcoin miner in the world. This announcement comes soon after GAWMiners ... GAW Miners have been getting some criticism when they have announced the Hashlets earlier this year as a different form for cloud mining, and now they will probably be getting some for the HashStaker. What they are doing however is not just announcing some random products hoping that they can make miners happy with them by giving them the chance to make some profit, they are creating a whole ... SEC Officially Indicts GAW Miners CEO for 'Hashlet' Ponzi Scheme WASHINGTON D.C. — Homero Joshua Garza was brought up on civil charges for the alleged operation of a “ Ponzi Scheme ” by the ... GAW Miners was a popular and reputable source of crypto mining equipment around 2014. Garza actually was considered a crypto celebrity and had pull across social media during that time. However, the company switched its strategy from selling physical crypto mining rigs to offering a cloud mining service, offering “hashlets” to customers which represented a certain amount of mining power.

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Miner Bitcoin - YouTube

Day 69 comparison of payments with Genesis Mining and GAW Miners Hashlets. Day 54 to Day 68 payouts can be found by visiting this link https://bitcointalk.or... The GAW Miners Fury is a 1.3 Mh/s @ 45W Scrypt ASIC Miner that is used to mine scrypt based crypto-currencies such as Litecoin. To purchase the GAW Miners Fu... Genesis Mining 66.391708% of ROI so far, still getting payouts GAW Miners 49.01% of ROI, no more payouts, just relying on extra money from hashlets now Thanks for watching. Days 80, 81, 82 83 and 84 comparison of payments with Genesis Mining and GAW Miners Hashlets. Forum thread can be found here as well https://bitcointalk.org/... Since the launch, GAW Miners has become the largest mining hardware distributor in the world in just a few short months. The company is on track to gross over $100MM for it’s first year.