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[Technical] Address gap limit - a problem with Bitcoin wallets or I'm doing it wrong?

I run an app which accepts Bitcoin payments natively, meaning that I generated an xpub with my trezor and I derive that xpub in my app using Bitcore library to obtain addresses.
Then, I register to a webhook on blockcypher for those addresses. I derive a new address for each new invoice.
The problem is that once I create an invoice, the invoice basically is valid "forever". It doesn't really matter if it's valid only for one week (it would be minimum a few days).
For each of these addresses, I subscribe to a webhook notification from blockcypher, so that my app is notified when a payment is made and can mark an order as having been paid.
However, it does happen that there are sometimes 20+ orders in a row that are unpaid. In this case, although blockcypher has seen the transaction and told my app that the coins are received, and the order is marked as paid, I cannot see them in my Trezor. I've tried all wallets (mytrezor, electrum, copay, mycelium) that are compatible with trezor and all have the same issue.
Essentially if I want to spend my bitcoins at this point I basically need to send microtransactions to the 19th unpaid address so that Trezor does the work to look at the next 20 addresses.
I believe this is caused by the address gap which is "standard" to be 20 addresses for HD wallets. I would really like to be able to force my wallet (even if it takes much longer to sync) to look up 100+ addresses.
Is there an automatic fix for this?
I'm aware that there are some hacks we can build, e.g. using to generate a CSV of addresses and lookup balances like that but it's what I'm doing now and trying to avoid.
submitted by btcmbc to Bitcoin [link] [comments] overview (quick and easy way to send hosted invoices to others) has a couple very interesting tools I want to highlight. They just recently announced their new merchant API that web or app developers can use to integrate invoicing and payment tracking into their projects. However, here's three things that any Bitcoiner can do with Blockonomics right now:
Thanks to the Blockonomics team for some unique and useful (yet permissionless and private) tools!
Invoicing example:
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