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KYC is absolutely not acceptable for MakerDAO!

I've heard that founder of MakerDAO is not strictly against KYC. I have a message to whole community and specifically to a founder of MakerDAO Rune Christensen. I will explain using concrete examples why having KYC in MakerDAO is a grave mistake and it will lead to MakerDAO fork.
Many people in the first world never actually understand why financial privacy and financial inclusion is important. Even people (in the first world) who seemingly supportive of such ideas are not able to provide any concrete examples of why it's actually important.
Unfortunately, I was born in a "wrong" country (Uzbekistan) and I experienced first hand what financial exclusion actually means. I know first hand that annoying feeling when you read polite, boilerplate rejection letter from financial institution based in first world. So I had to become practical libertarian. I'm going to give you concrete examples of financial discrimination against me. Then I'm going to explain fundamental reasons why it happens. And finally, I'm going to explain my vision for DAI.
Back in 2005, I lived in Uzbekistan. I had an idea to invest in US stocks. I was very naive and I didn't know anything about investing, compliance, bank transfers, KYC etc. All I knew is nice long term charts of US stocks and what P/E means. I didn't contact any US brokerage but I checked information about account opening and how to transfer money there. I approached local bank in Uzbekistan and asked how to transfer money to Bank of New York. Banker's face was like - WOW, WTF?!?! They asked me to go to private room to talk with senior manager. Senior manager of local bank in Uzbekistan asked me why I wanted to transfer money to US. They told me that it's absolutely impossible to transfer money to US/EU and pretty much anywhere. I approached nearly every local bank in the town and they told me the same.
In 2012, I already lived in Moscow and acquired Russian citizenship. I got back to my old idea - investing in US stocks. I called to many US brokerages and all of them politely rejected me. Usually when I called I asked them if I can open an account with them. They told me to hold on line. After long pause, I was able to speak with "senior" support who politely explain me that Russia in their list of restricted countries and they can't open an account for me. Finally, I was able to open an account with OptionsXpress. Next challenge was to convince local Russian bank to transfer money to US. Back then in 2012, I was able to get permission to do so. So you might say - is this happy end?
Fast forwarding US brokerage story to 2017, OptionsXpress was acquired by Charles Schwab. I was notified that my OptionsXpress account will be migrated to Charles Schwab platform. In 2017, I already lived in the Netherlands (but still having Russian citizenship). I wasn't happy with my stupid job in the Netherlands. I called Charles Schwab and asked if I quit my job in the Netherlands and have to return to Russia, what will happen with my account. Schwab told me that they will restrict my account, so I can't do anything except closing my account. So even if I was long term customer of OptionsXpress, Charles Schwab is not fully okay with me.
Going back to 2013, I still lived in Russia. I had another idea. What if I quit my job and build some SAAS platform (or whatever) and sell my stuff to US customers. So I need some website which accept US credit cards. I contacted my Russian bank (who previously allowed me to transfer money to OptionsXpress) about steps to make in order to accept US credit cards in Russia. I've been told explicitly in email that they won't allow me to accept US credit cards under any circumstances.
Back then I still believed in "the free west". So I thought - no problem, I will just open bank account abroad and do all operations from my foreign account. I planned vacation in Hong Kong. And Hong Kong is freest economy in the world. Looks like it's right place to open bank account. I contacted HSBC Hong Kong via email. Their general support assured me that I can open bank account with them if I'm foreigner. I flew to Hong Kong for vacation and visited HSBC branch. Of course, they rejected me. But they recommended me to visit last floor in their HQ building, they told me that another HSBC branch specializes on opening bank accounts for foreigners. I went there and they said minimum amount to open bank account is 10 mil HKD (1.27 mil USD). Later I learned that it's called private banking.
When I relocated to the Netherlands, I asked ABN Amro staff - what's happen with my bank account if I quit/lose my job in the Netherlands and have to return back to Russia. I've been told that I can't have my dutch bank account if I go back to Russia even if I already used their bank for 2+ years.
I still had idea that I would like to quit my job and do something for myself. The problem is that I'm Russian citizen and I don't have any residency which is independent from my employment. So if I quit my job in the Netherlands, I have to return back to Russia. I wanted to see how I would get payments from US/EU customers. I found Stripe Atlas, it's so exciting, they help you to incorporate in US, and even help with banking, all process of receiving credit card payments is very smooth. But as usual in my case, there is a catch - Russia in their list of restricted countries.
Speaking of centralized compliance-friendly (e.g. KYC) crypto exchanges. This year I live and work in Hong Kong. Earlier this year, I thought it would be nice to have an account at local crypto exchange in Hong Kong so I can quickly transfer money from my bank account in Hong Kong to crypto exchange using FPS (local payment system for fast bank transfers). What could go wrong? After all Hong Kong is freest economy in the world, right? I submitted KYC documents to crypto exchange called Weever including copy of my Hong Kong ID as they requested. They very quickly responded that they need copy of my passport as well. I submitted copy of my Russian passport. This time they got silent. After a few days, they sent me email saying that Russia is on the US Office of Foreign Assets Control sanction list, so they just require me to fill a form about source of the funds. I told them that the source of my funds is salary, my Hong Kong bank can confirm that along with my employment contract. They got very silent after I sent them a filled form. After a week of silence I asked them - when my account get approved? They said that their compliance office will review my application soon. And they got very silent again. I waited for two or three weeks. Then I asked them again. And I immediately got email with title - Rejection for Weever Account Opening. And text of email was:
We are sorry to inform you that Weever may not be able to accept your account opening application at this stage.
Exactly the same situation I had with one crypto exchange in Europe back in 2017. Luckily I have accounts at other crypto exchanges including Gemini, one of most compliance obsessed exchange in the world. Although I don't keep my money there because I can't trust them, who knows what might come into head of their compliance officer one sunny day.
By the way, I'm living and working outside of Russia for quite a few years. The situation with crypto exchanges is much worse for those who still living in Russia.
I give you a few other examples of financial discrimination is not related to troubles with my Russian citizenship.
Back in 2018, I still lived in the Netherlands. I logged in into my brokerage account just to buy US ETFs as I always do - SPY and QQQ. I placed my order and it failed to fill. I thought it's just a technical problem with my brokerage account. After a few failed attempts to send buy orders for SPY and QQQ, I contacted their support. What they told me was shocking and completely unexpected. They said I'm not permitted to buy US ETFs anymore as EU resident because EU passed a law to protect retail investors. So as a EU resident I'm allowed to be exposed to more risk by buying individual US stocks but I'm not allowed to reduce my risk by buying SPY because ... EU wants to protect me. I felt final result of new law. By the way, on paper their law looks fine.
And the final example. It's a known fact that US public market become less attractive in recent decades. Due to heavy regulatory burden companies prefer to go public very late. So if successful unicorn startup grows from its inception/genesis to late adoption, company's valuation would be 3-5 orders of orders of magnitude. For example, if valuation of successful company at inception is 1 Mil USD, then at its very latest stage it's valuation would be 10 Bil USD. So we have 10'000 times of growth. In the best case scenario, company would go public at 1 Bil USD 5-10 years before reaching its peak 10 Bil USD. So investors in private equity could enjoy 1000 fold growth and just leave for public only last 10 fold growth stretched in time. In the worst case scenario, company would go public at 10 Bil USD, i.e. at its historical peak. But there are well known platforms to buy shares of private companies, one of such platforms is Forge Global. You can buy shares of almost all blue chip startups. You can even invest in SpaceX! But as always, there is a catch - US government wants to protect not just US citizens but all people in the world (sounds ridiculous, right?). US law requires you to have 1 Mil USD net worth or 200'000 USD annual income if you want to buy shares of non-public company. So if you are high-net worth individual you can be called "accredited investor". Funny thing is that the law intends to protect US citizens but even if you are not US citizen and never even lived in US, this law is still applies to you in practice. So if you are "poor loser", platforms like Forge Global will reject you.
So high-net worth individuals have access and opportunity to Bitcoin-style multi-magnitude growth every 5-10 years. Contrary to private equity markets, US public markets is low risk/low return type of market. If you have small amount of capital, it's just glorified way to protect yourself from inflation plus some little return on top. It's not bad, US public market is a still great way to store your wealth. But I'm deeply convinced that for small capital you must seek fundamentally different type of market - high risk/high return. It's just historical luck that Bitcoin/Ethereum/etc were available for general public from day one. But in reality, viral/exponential growth is happening quite often. It's just you don't have access to such type of markets due to regulatory reasons.
I intentionally described these examples of financial discrimination in full details as I experienced them because I do feel that vast majority of people in the first world honestly think that current financial system works just fine and only criminals and terrorists are banned. In reality that's not true at all. 99.999% of innocent people are completely cut off from modern financial system in the name of fighting against money laundering.
Here is a big picture why it's happening. There are rich countries (so called western world) and poor countries (so called third world). Financial wall is carefully built by two sides. Authoritarian leaders of poor countries almost always want full control over their population, they don't like market economy, and since market forces don't value their crappy legal system (because it works only for close friends of authoritarian leader) they must implement strict capital control. Otherwise, all capital will run away from their country because nobody really respects their crappy legal system. It only has value under heavy gun of government. Only friends of authoritarian leader can move their money out of country but not you.
Leaders of rich countries want to protect their economy from "dirty money" coming from third world. Since citizens of poor countries never vote for leaders of rich countries nobody really cares if rich country just ban everyone from poor country. It's the most lazy way to fight against money laundering - simply ban everyone from certain country.
Actually if you look deeper you will see that rich countries very rarely directly ban ordinary people from third world. Usually, there is no such law which doesn't allow me to open bank account somewhere in Europe as non-EU resident. What's really happens is that US/EU government implement very harsh penalties for financial institutions if anything ever goes wrong.
So what's actually happens is that financial institutions (banks, brokerages etc) do de-risking. This is the most important word you must know about traditional financial system!
So if you have wrong passport, financial institution (for example) bank from rich country just doesn't want to take any risks dealing with you even if you are willing to provide full documentation about your finances. It's well known fact that banks in Hong Kong, Europe, US like to unexpectedly shutdown accounts of thousands innocent businesses due to de-risking.
So it's actually de-risking is the real reason why I was rejected so many times by financial institutions in the first world!!! It's de-risking actually responsible for banning 99.999% of innocent people. So governments of rich democratic countries formally have clean hands because they are not banning ordinary people from third world directly. All dirty job is done by financial institutions but governments are well aware of that, it's just more convenient way to discriminate. And nobody actually cares! Ordinary citizens in rich countries are never exposed to such problems and they really don't care about people in third world, after all they are not citizens of US/EU/UK/CH/CA/HK/SG/JP/AU/NZ.
And now are you ready for the most hilarious part? If you are big corrupt bureaucrat from Russia you are actually welcome by the first world financial institutions! All Russian's junta keep their stolen money all across Europe and even in US. You might wonder how this is possible if the western financial system is so aggressive in de-risking.
Here is a simple equation which financial institution should solve when they decide whether to open an account for you or not:
Y - R = net profit
Y - how much profit they can make with you;
R - how much regulatory risk they take while working with you;
That's it! It's very simple equation. So if you are really big junta member from Russia you are actually welcome according to this equation. Banks have special name for serving (ultra) high-net worth individuals, it's called private banking. It's has nothing to do with the fact that bank is private. It's just fancy name for banking for rich.
So what's usually happen in real world. Some Estonian or Danish bank got caught with large scale money laundering from Russia. European leaders are ashamed in front of their voters. They implement new super harsh law against money laundering to keep their voters happy. Voters are ordinary people, they don't care about details of new regulations. So banks get scared and abruptly shutdown ALL accounts of Russian customers. And European voters are happy.
Modern money laundering laws are like shooting mouse in your house using bazooka! It's very efficient to kill mouse, right?
Now imagine world without financial borders. It's hard to do so because we are all get so used to current status quo of traditional financial system. But with additional effort you can start asking questions - if Internet economy is so global and it doesn't really matter where HQ of startup is located, why they are all concentrated in just a few tiny places like Silicon Valley and ... well, that's mostly it if you count the biggest unicorns!
Another question would be - why so many talented russian, indian, chinese programmers just go to the same places like San Francisco, London and make super rich companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple to get even richer? If all you need is laptop and access to internet, why you don't see any trade happening between first and third world?
Well actually there is a trade between first and third world but it's not exactly what I want to see. Usually third world countries sell their natural resources through giant corporations to the first world.
So it's possible to get access to the first world market from third world but this access usually granted only to big and established companies (and usually it means not innovative).
Unicorns are created through massive parallel experiment. Every week bunch of new startups are created in Silicon Valley. Thousands and thousands startups are created in Silicon Valley with almost instant access to global market. Just by law of large numbers you have a very few of them who later become unicorns and dominate the world.
But if you have wrong passport and you are located in "wrong" country where every attempt to access global market is very costly, then you most likely not to start innovative startup in the first place. In the best case scenario, you just create either local business or just local copy-paste startup (copied from the west) oriented on (relatively small) domestic market. Obviously in such setup it's predictable that places like Silicon Valley will have giant advantage and as a result all unicorns get concentrated in just a few tiny places.
In the world without financial barriers there will be much smaller gap between rich and poor countries. With low barrier of entry, it won't be a game when winner takes all.
Whole architecture of decentralized cryptocurrencies is intended to remove middle man and make transactions permissionless. Governments are inherently opposite to that, they are centralized and permissioned. Therefore, decentralized cryptocurrencies are fundamentally incompatible with traditional financial system which is full of middle mans and regulations (i.e. permissions).
Real value of crypto are coming from third world, not the first world. People are buying crypto in rich countries just want to invest. Their financial system and their fiat money are more or less already working for them. So there is no immediate urgency to get rid of fiat money in the first world. So the first world citizens buying crypto on centralized KYCd exchanges are essentially making side bet on the success of crypto in third world.
Real and natural environment of cryptocurrencies is actually dark OTC market in places like Venezuela and China.
But cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have a big limitation to wide adoption in third world - high volatility.
So the real target audience is oppressed (both by their own government and by first world governments) ordinary citizens of third world countries yet they are least who can afford to take burden of high volatility.
Right now, Tether is a big thing for dark markets across the world (by the way, dark market doesn't automatically imply bad!). But Tether soon or later be smashed by US/EU regulators.
The only real and working permissionless stable cryptocurrency (avoiding hyped word - stablecoin) is DAI.
DAI is the currency for post-Tether world to lead dark OTC market around the world and subvert fiat currencies of oppressive third world governments.
Once DAI become de-facto widespread currency in shadow economy in all of third world, then it will be accepted (after many huge push backs from governments) as a new reality. I'm talking about 10-20+ years time horizon.
But if MakerDAO chooses the route of being compliance friendly then DAI will lose its real target audience (i.e. third world).
I can not imagine US/EU calmly tolerate someone buying US stocks and using as a collateral to issue another security (i.e. DAI) which is going to be traded somewhere in Venezuela! You can not be compliance friendly and serve people in Venezuela.
Facebook's Libra was stupidest thing I've seen. It's extremely stupid to ask permission from the first world regulators to serve third world and create borderless economy. Another stupid thing is to please third world governments as well. For example, Libra (if ever run) will not serve Indian, Chinese, Venezuelan people. Who is then going to use stupid Libra? Hipsters in Silicon Valley? Why? US dollars are good enough already.
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The "I'm interested in moving to Japan" FAQ/AMA

I hosted an AMA somewhere else and it got more responses than I thought it would.
I did some searching on reddit, but found a post that was about 3 years old, and one that was from someone at a start up. Thought I could contribute from a large company perspective.
start up AMA:
a few years old AMA:
I'm going to leave some FAQs here, but feel free to ask away.
I am an American engineer at AmaAppGooBookSoft in Japan.
(Amazon or Apple or Google or Facebook or Microsoft). I transferred here from the US after working a year or so there. At the time of this writing, I have been in Tokyo for about 3 years.
Answers from OP with regards to things related to work will be in the context of these kinds of big software companies.
I would encourage others who live in Japan that are qualified to answer questions to do so! Wish I had this info before I transferred.
Q: How is the pay, hours?
A: Hours are super normal like they were in the US. Wfh, etc is like the US...but might vary by manager. I knew a designer whose Japanese boss was not on the wfh boat. Pay is terrible. Entry level engineer initial offer was 7.5M yen w/5k USD stock per year. I negotiated up to 8.25M base pay. Currently mid-level engieer and at about 9.5M yen and 15k USD/year (~105k USD total?). This is offset somewhat by affordable housing. Think 1.5k USD for a decent apartment, but smaller. Also health insurance is part of taxes, so you don't need to pay extra for it. Train commute is paid for by company. Don't need a car, either. It's a very livable salary, tbh.
Q: How is the dating scene for internationals? Are Japanese people open to dating people from other races? What about LGBTQ?
A: I'd say definitely. I met my wife here. If you are particularly looking for a date, dating apps and goukon (group dating) is a good way to go. As far as LGBTQ, yeah, for sure! Shinjuku ni cho me is the place for you (and also dating apps). (新宿二丁目)
Q: Do you like cost of living better in Tokyo than the states?
A: Yes! My total taxes are about 25% of my gross monthly salary and that includes health insurance. Clinics are insanely cheap because the government regulates the cost of medicine and pays 70% of your medical bills. I was once in the hospital for a week in a private room and it costed about 2500 USD. I opted for the fancy private room, though. My wife gave birth and it costed 2k or so. She had a private room in a hospital with amazing food for a week. I was allowed to stay in the room as well and got food. Rent is reasonable (1.5k or so) for a 700sqft place. Things that annoy me: Albums are like, 30 bucks. New release 4k Blu Ray movies range from 60-85 bucks. Old non-4k Blu Ray movies cost about 35-40 bucks. Groceries are a bit more expensive, but the quality is worth it. Our monthly food budget for 2 adults is about 800 bucks a month. Restaurants are very cheap. Like, 8-10 bucks for lunch. Usually under 1000 yen.
Q: I heard Japanese can be racists towards non Japanese living in Japan. True?
A: True! To some degree. I had the best resume a realtor had ever seen: N1 fluency in Japanese. I studied at the "Harvard of Japan" for a year. 5 year visa (longest duration). High paying job at a huge company. Stable work history. 5/6 landlords didn't give a shit. "no gaijin". You will also not receive service at probably 95% of "adult... services", if you're into that. When I was in college, a few part time jobs I applied to straight up told me they didn't hire foreigners. But once you're settled in, it's not that noticeable. Your average encounter will be pretty friendly. I'd say it's more rare to experience it.
Q: Do you know any Japanese? How essential is it in your wok and your daily life?
A: I am N1 level fluent. But I was dismayed that all that studying didn't mean anything for work, haha. Most engineers are foreigners. Everyone speaks English at the office and they have to know it because the code base is in English. Daily life, I use it all the time. My wife doesn't speak English as well as I speak Japanese. I also know several people who don't speak at all, and they seem to get by. Companies will often pay for Japanese classes as well, and let you attend during work hours.
Q: Did you just apply for Tokyo positions? How did the visa work?
A: Yup! I just applied. Visa was taken care of by a company hired by my employer. Mine was tricky because I didn't major in CS. There is a law that a work visa applicant must have a degree related to the field of work, or have 10 years experience. Since I majored in Japanese, they added "required to translate Japanese in addition to coding" to the job description, and boom. Visa. (I ended up doing semi-voluntary stuff like office hours in addition to my engineering work, where I needed to use Japanese) They'll figure it out, whatever the case is.
Q: Did you start working in Japan after graduation or moved from the US? Is it easy to get permanent residence if you wanted?
A: I transferred internally after a year or so in the US. PR is very attainable under certain circumstances. There is a point system. You get points for age (younger is better), salary, work experience, and Japanese ability. 80 points means that you only have to live in Japan for a year to get PR. 70 points, 3 years.
Look at the Excel sheet and find the tab for regular workers (not researchers or business owners).
Q: How comfortable is your life there compared to the US? Does money go further?
A: Very comfortable. If you buy a place (and have permanent residence), you're looking at interest rates as low as 0.495% (mine). I have a 500k USD condo and I pay about 1300/month. 33 year loan. Plus about 350/month in maintenance for the building. Groceries are a bit more expensive, but worth it. Restaurants are much cheaper. Like, 800-1000 yen for lunch. Monthly grocery budget for 2 adults is about 800 bucks (my situation, not counting baby expenses). Convenience stores are AMAZING and have great food (for a convenience store). I regularly get a crispy lettuce sandwich, onigiri and can Coffee for breakfast at the shop outside work. Spending power is pretty low, though. Most consumer goods are really expensive. New release 4k Blu Ray is about 65-80 bucks. Old Blu Rays (Disney and marvel as examples) are 35-40 bucks. But Netflix and Hulu are here and have American and some Japanese content. Internet speed is awesome. Gigabit in most places. But apps and Japanese webforms are fucking terrible. Most things feel like the state of the internet 10 or 15 years ago. One of my banks prevents you from using special characters for your password. Swear to God. A lot of foreigners find it difficult to get a credit card. Especially if you are under 30. Just got to UFJ Mitsubishi. Open an account and you can get a debit card you can use online. All in all, I love it here (aside from work - projects I don't want to work on and a low salary compared to the US). We live 5 minutes from a major train station, which means 5 minutes to dozens of restaurants, a handful of grocery stores, some pharmacies, a few clinics, and a mall.
Q: I heard it was easy to internally transfer to Japan (or anywhere with the pay cut) but extremely hard to transfer back to the US so people might get stuck overseas. Is this true? Oh and supposedly transferring to tends to be a promotion +1 level or potentially 2 whereas from leads to a demotion?
A: I don't think this is true at all. I know a few people who have gone back.
I also did not go up when I came to Japan, and I know people who moved to the US and they did not move down.
Q: Is there any American things you miss while in Japan?
A: American internet. God, Japan is so technologically behind it drives me nuts sometimes. It's like the internet from 10-15 years ago. Apps suck. Japanese websites suck. Internet banking and apps suck. One of my banks *prevents* you from using special characters in your password. Streaming services exist, but they're not anywhere near as ubiquitous as they are in the US. I also miss how cheap Blu-rays are. 35 bucks for Zootopia? Come on.
Internet is shitty, but FAST, though. Gigabit everywhere.
Q: The idea of working abroad is pretty novel. Sounds like you have no regrets about the time you spent there?
A: Yes!! I'd definitely do it again, but I might have waited until I had been mid-level engineer for a year or more. The 2 rounds of paycuts was rough. First was base pay, then a surprise paycut when my US stock grants fully vested. Went from expected value of 30k/year to new grants at expected value of 5k. There is a lot to love about Tokyo. The positives far outweigh the negatives.
Q: Visiting Japan soon, what do you recommend doing at night that is friendly to gaijins in Tokyo/Shibuya? I’ve heard a lot of bars/clubs are no gaijins.
A: I would say that's probably rarer. Shinjuku has a good bar scene where you can do some serious bar hopping. If you are super concerned about getting turned away (a really terrible experience. It's really a shitty feeling), then stick to Roppongi! You may also find some ladies (or men) there that are very into foreigners. Shibuya also has quite a few clubs that are foreigner friendly. There's even a soapland that caters specifically to foreigners, if you want that experience. It's in Kawasaki, I think it's called paradise inn. The most tourist-ey thing is "robot restaurant" (also in Shinjuku). I took my American boss there on a business trip (before I moved here) and he fucking loved it. Sky tree or Tokyo tower are also great at night.
Q: Do you have any take on how big the cryptocurrency craze is or was there compared to United States? Do you own any bitcoin personally?
A: I haven't been into the crypto scene. But I think it's more known here. There's even a few big name stores that accept bitcoin. Don't remember which ones, but they charge like, 20% more if you pay in BC. I don't own any, though.
Q: Is AmaAppGooBookSoft japan mostly for SDEs? Or is there place for us non engineering muggles?
A: Lol, Muggles. Yes!! There are TPMs, SDMs, UX designers, etc. But the more you get into the business side (vendor managers, TAM, site merchandiser, etc), the more you will probably be required to speak and be literate in Japanese.
Q: What made you move to japan for an engineering role? Never heard that before.
A: I've wanted to live in Japan since I was a teenager. Spent a year there in University and 2 exchanges in highschool. Originally I just wanted to live in Japan. So after I graduated, I did a few interviews for English teaching. After one of the interviews, they asked me to prepare a lesson plan. My immediate reaction was, "I don't care about a lesson plan, I just want to live in Japan!" Then I realized I needed to calm the fuck down and get there by doing something that I like, and with a marketable skill. I just didn't know what that skill would be...I landed a shit temp job testing Japanese games. Ended up getting an automatable task and googled how to automate it. Then found what I wanted to do. Got into AmaAppGooBookSoft as a contractor, interviewed and got FTE, then made my way to Japan internally.
Q: I speak 0 japanese will this be a huge issue? Also if I am a mid-level engineer in usa how much equivalent jp total compensation should I be looking for?
A: Not an issue at all for work. Most of the engineers are foreigners. You'll also be able to get by out in the real world. But I'd suggest taking Japanese classes. Company will pay for it here. That would probably equate to maybe 9.5M-110M yen and about 15-20k in RSUs per year? I have zero knowledge of the pay bands here, but I believe 200k is just above middle for US? I make about 9.5, but I have no idea where that is in the pay band. Whatever they offer you, negotiate for more. Always negotiate. It is plenty to live on. You can get a nice place for 150,000/month and a nicer place for 200,000/month. If you want to live further from work or get a smaller place you could get rent as low as 80,000/month, with a 30 minute train ride. Restaurants are very cheap for lunch. Maybe 700-1100 for lunch? Very cheap compared to the states. Company will pay for your daily commute fees. Spending power is low, though. Media is really expensive. Do some searches on Amazon Japan for common stuff to get an idea. FYI, my take home is about 600,000/month to give you an idea about taxes. No need to pay for health insurance plans. The government has you covered. In a month, I spend 144,000 on mortgage, 36,000 on maintenance, about 15,000 on electric + gas (total), about 3,000 on water, about 5,000 on internet, about 80,000 on food for 2 adults, 60,000 for "allowance" for myself and wife, 3,000 on phone (LINE mobile!!! If you go through SoftBank or docomo, or other big players, expect 10,000/month), about 150,000 on miscellaneous stuff, and try to save the rest. Let me know if I'm missing anything expense you are thinking of.
Q: 1. Do you know if unvested stocks earned in the US keep vesting in the US? 2. Understand that salary is lower, but are savings about the same in terms of dollars?
A: 1. GREAT question!! Yes!! Stock that was granted in the states continues to vest at the agreed to schedule. It will still be 100% taxed by the US, but you'll get some of it back. Taxes are such that the fraction of time spent in a country during a vest will determine how much tax goes to that country. Example: you have a 2 year vest and transfer with the last year vesting while you are in Japan. Once it vests, US takes the usual tax rate, but should return about half of that back because half of it was "earned" in Japan. Japan will then apply their tax rate to the other half. 2. No, savings is still less. Because cost of living isn't toooo drastically different, but you make a lot less,you really end up taking a bath on savings. Like, currently for my family of 3, we end up saving about 700 USD a month in cash. In the states, it would be about the same (after 3k rent and a 1k car payment...Tesla, baby), we would end up saving about the same in cash (except we'd also pad our "allowance" by an additional total of 700 bucks). Then you look at stock. 15k gross value in the RSUs in Japan vs 30-50k in the US. Pretty big difference, IMO.
Q: So if you don't speak any Japanese, could you still make it in terms of acquiring a visa? If so, how long would it take to acquire intermediate level proficiency in Japanese you think?
A: Yes, but you'll need a degree from the sciences, probably. Or 10 years experience. Intermediate level is maybe 1200 hours of study?
Q: How do you feel about "Cool Biz" campaign and what is the general public opinion about it?
A: Hard to tell because I work at a US company. I'm shielded from a lot of stuff like that. 28 C is a terribly hot temperature, though, Jesus. I don't really hear it being brought up that much on the morning talk shows, but I don't watch every day. Wish I could be of more help. It's definitely not 28 degrees in my office. We absolutely have AC because we don't want our employees to needlessly suffer in order to scrape a bit off of our electric bill.
Q: Why did you wanna go to Japan in the first place?
A: It started with martial arts when I was in elementary school. Always liked Japanese food, and in high school, anime, judo, and Japanese language. But when I started studying the language, I got super into it. I've been aiming to live here since I was a teenager been 10 times before moving including a few study abroads (1 year in college, 2 weeks, and another 2 weeks in HS). I've always liked the craftsmanship that is in Japan. Watch Jiro dreams of sushi. Perfectly captures the "shokunin" spirit. That guy is like 90 and he still chases perfection. There are LOTS of examples of this, but I love that about Japan. And Tokyo is just super convenient. Trains go everywhere in the country. Don't need a car. I live 5 minutes from Meguro station. So 5 minutes away from 5 grocery stores, 2 or 3 clinics, a few dentists, a mall, transportation of course, and dozens of restaurants. Love the convenience here.
Q: How do the taxes work for US citizen? Do US citizens pay taxes twice for income earned in Japan (once in Japan and again in US)?
A: Taxes are relatively simple. You pay taxes to Japan, you report income to the US. I think once your income exceeds a certain amount (100 some odd thousand), you will be taxed on the difference of that minus taxes to Japan. So, like if the amount was 100k and you made 110k, they'd tax you if the taxes you paid to Japan on that 10k were less than the US would have taxed. But it's the diff. So if the US would have taken 3k of that 10k, but Japan took 2k, you'd owe the US 1k. So it's not that bad. Stock is way more complicated because it depends on where you were for the duration of the vest and where it was granted. For example, I had a 4 year vest and moved to Japan in year 3. The third year, I had "earned" that 2 years in the US and 1 in Japan. So the US took more taxes. I mean, the second it vests, the US takes their full tax rate, but they'll give a bunch back at tax season. And Japan will take some of that. You usually come out on top somehow. Like, last year, I had 60k or something vesting. I got back 12k from the US and had to pay Japan 5k. The US had initially taken about 16k of that 60k. The percentage of tax paid depends on how long you were in a given country during the vest. Negotiate a tax accountant into your contract. My employer uses another company and I don't have calculate all this shit. I only know it because I want to know how it works, so I ask my accountants a bunch of annoying questions. Once you start getting grants in Japan, no money is taken at vest, and you pay Japan for taxes on the vest value in January.
Q: My wife and Iove Japan very much, we’ve always talked about “living there for some years”. However we have 2 kids (less than 3 years) and I’m concerned it would be hard for them. Since you mentioned that your kid, do you think moving there is a bad idea ?
A: It depends. If you are already doing parenting on hard mode instead of support network mode, I think it won't be much different. I know someone who went from Tokyo back to the US, but moved back for the same reason: lack of support. I think it would be harder on you than them. Just make sure you bring English books and media. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have a decent amount of kids programming here that is in English as well.
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Quickly convincing global charities to use bitcoin may be the best way to stave off regulation [Wall Street analyst]

I agree with this simple legitimizing strategy recently proposed by Nick Colas, a Wall Street analyst who showed early interest in Bitcoin and who works as Group Chief Market Strategist for ConvergEx.
Here are the two most relevant paragraphs from his longish, excellent article, Bitcoin: What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger (available through a paywall here or copypasted here):
My humble recommendation to venture capitalists to avoid further regulation or an outright ban is to quickly convince global charities to use the bitcoin system for both donations and money transfers. It is, after all, ideally suited to the purpose of taking in money in rich countries and efficiently moving it abroad to places with limited financial infrastructure. According the National Philanthropic Trust, individual Americans gave $218 billion in 2011, the most recent information available, and there are over one million charitable groups operating in the U.S. Presumably they all have bank accounts to process payments and would like a more efficient way to distribute funds.
That move alone would begin to remove the “Cokehead currency” imprimatur which bitcoin still struggles to overcome due to some early press about its use on illegal drug distribution websites. If shutting down bitcoin would hurt worthwhile charities by pushing them back into a higher-cost banking system, regulators might think twice about excessive regulation or an outright ban. This would give the bitcoin ecosystem time to resolve the security and compliance issues we’ve described previously.
The foundations/charities/NGOs that I know of that already support Bitcoin are:
Some ideas for mainstream targets for Bitcoin donation campaigns are of course the Red Cross and Amnesty International but good stepping stones could be organizations like the Linux Foundation, the Long Now Foundation, TED, NPR, and the EFF (which sadly withdrew its acceptance of Bitcoin donations last year, but they really should reconsider). Even, the philantropic arm of Google could set an important example by using it internally (and Mike Hearn, core Bitcoin programmer, is a Googler).
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Help needed.

The following post by smalhotra is being replicated because the post has been silently removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/75f6cm
The original post's content was as follows:
Hi all,
I don't usually do this but it has come to desperate times. I am currently a graduate student studying neuroscience (AI and consciousness). I was promised a three year stipend from my professor (supervisor) at about 17k/year. I received it the first two years. Unfortunately, this year my supervisor decided to cancel it. I took it up with a committee at my university (McGill U, Montreal) and they ruled against me saying that I won't receive the last years stipend as my supervisor no longer has the ability to pay me and is retiring in a year (which he somehow failed to mention to me when he hired me). The kicker is I have been saving for my upcoming wedding on my grad student salary. I have 3k so far. Having lost the stipend means I have to dig into the the wedding funds to pay for rent/tuition and food approximating 17k in total (conservatively). I have started a part time job on the side to help me pay for it but with it being the last year of my research it is going to be quite hard to do. I am working 20hweek plus school currently. I have an interview for another job that will hire me for another 20h week. So I will be working two jobs and school. I know it doesn't sound very bad. Additionally I applied to numerous funding opportunities for which I was denied except one where I am 7th on the waiting list - waiting on the current candidate to decide whether he/she will keep it. I have applied for student aid through the government and my school (denied through the school as I don't qualify).
I am in a very tough spot right now and have to decide between paying my tuition partly or having a place to stay/eat. My parents live abroad so I don't have a place to fall back to and coming from a culture where if I don't do as my parents require of me as my degree (they wanted me to be a doctor and not "waste my life away in graduate studies.") I receive almost no help from them. I have already spoken to them and they have decided not to help me out and left me with a big "I told you so." My significant other is so excited to get married and she doesn't know where I stand right now. I want to give her the best I can but no longer have the ability to do so.
Downvote me if you'd like. Don't help me, if you don't want to but if you find it in your heart to help out even a little, it will really go a long way. I am passionate about what I do and very passionate about my partner. Think of it as a scholarship helping a stranded kid get through his last year of school.
Again, anything helps.
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Weekly Roundup | Random Chat | Notifications

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. Trump 'looks forward to visiting China' - Tillerson
  2. Trump hangs tough on Germany, eases on China
  3. China warns US over arms sales to Taiwan
  4. South Korea accuses China of trade retaliation in response to US missile defense
  5. Chinese media claims Tillerson visit was a home run — for China
  6. Saudi Arabia and China just hit the 'next level' for strategic collaboration, Saudi CEO says
  7. After Saudi king, China warmly welcomes Israel's prime minister
  8. Nepal committed to One China policy: Deuba tells delegation from Beijing
  9. Chinese mainland is home to two of the top three universities in Asia, according to research published by the Times Higher Education. In total, Chinese mainland has 54 institutions in the listing of top 300 universities in Asia
  10. Trump’s Top Diplomat Goes to China, Promptly Bends Over - Rex Tillerson gives in immediately
  11. Tillerson has offered to reschedule talks with his NATO allies after snubbing April's meeting. His decision, to prioritize a meeting with China, was described as "unprecedented."
  12. China, Israel announce innovative comprehensive partnership
  13. Frank Wu discusses hate crimes against the Asian American community
  14. Myanmar refugees seek shelter in China
  15. Li Keqiang visit: Chinese Premier arrives in Australia for five-day tour
  16. Did Rex Tillerson Misspeak or Intentionally Kowtow to China?
  17. The New Era in China-U.S. Relations Begins
  18. Chinese official denied visa to attend U.S. planetary science conference: denial did not extend to other Chinese scientists: Head said more than 20 people from Chinese universities, academies and scientific institutes were at the symposium
  19. Chinese tourist wounded in London terror attack
  20. The Chinese embassy in Indonesia has accused local customs officials of targeting Chinese tourists and demanding they give them illicit “tips” at border controls, advised Chinese tourists not to succumb to pressure to pay illegal tips to customs or other officials
  21. UN Security Council approves China’s resolution: called on countries to "strengthen the process of regional economic cooperation...including through regional development initiatives such as the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road (the Belt and Road) Initiative"
  22. Japan PM Shinzo Abe embroiled in land-sale scandal
  23. Chinese premier assures stability in South China Sea to boost trade
  24. South Korea salvage operation brings up Sewol ferry 3 years after disaster
  25. Sri Lanka, China discuss ways to step up military cooperation
  26. High-speed diplomacy: Exporting China’s train technology. China and Thailand came to an agreement to link the Chinese border with Laos and ports on Thailand’s coast. In Turkey, China helped link Ankara with Istanbul. In Indonesia the Jakarta-Bandung line will begin this year
  27. China, Australia agree to promote trade liberalization
  28. China captures more than 2,500 fugitives who fled overseas
  29. Anti-Chinese Attitudes in Mongolia through Generational Imprinting
  30. China and the European Union (EU) are being forced to thaw their decade-long tensions and unite to push for free trade because of U.S. President Donald Trump policies and his "America First" mantra
  31. China-led AIIB approves 13 new members, Canada joins: approved applicants include eight non-Asian countries - Canada, Belgium, Ethiopia, Hungary, Ireland, Peru, Republic of Sudan and Venezuela - and five regional members - Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Armenia, Fiji and Timor Leste
In Domestic news
  1. Beijing shuts last coal power plant in switch to natural gas
  2. Hays Report: China and Malaysia had the highest management roles held by women in the region, both at 35%. Christine Wright, Managing Director of Hays in Asia, said "It's worth noticing that China has led Asia for the number of management roles held by women consistently in the past five years"
  3. 80% of Chinese students return home – MoE: According the ministry’s figures, around 36% of the students who went abroad in 2016 studied a postgraduate degree, while 31% went for an undergraduate degree
  4. Editorial: China’s New Civil Code Will Be a Cornerstone for Reforms
  5. Top 10 billionaires with largest influence on Chinese social media: The top 10 entrepreneurs on China's social media Sina Weibo are not all from the richest families in the country
  6. 2 years behind bars for student who set fire/explosion to bin outside Hong Kong legislature
  7. Shortening the journey to championships: Feng, ranked No 4 in the world, claimed the Chinese mainland's first major title when she won the LPGA Championship in 2012. Following in Feng's footsteps, Lin Xiyu, Feng Simin and Yan Jing, Shi Yuting and talented amateur Wang Ziyi are all showing promise
  8. Senior CPC leader calls for media integration
  9. China Focus: Beijing pioneers medical reforms to strengthen health care
  10. How the smartphone brought young Chinese back to bicycles
  11. "How I Help Pull China's Rural Poor out of Poverty"
  12. China rolls out plan to revitalize traditional crafts
  13. China to Boost Ice Hockey Development with Yet Another Program: "Chinese Ice Hockey Plan for 2022," was launched by the Winter Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China. Goal to fill the ice hockey players' pool for the 2022 Winter Olympics
  14. Strict new traffic regulations come into effect in Shanghai
In SciTech news
  1. Chinese police debut new anti-drone gun that shoots illegal UAVs from the sky
  2. China starts building huge cosmic-ray observatory to study the evolution of the universe: Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory (LHAASO) will attempt to search for the origin of cosmic rays, study the evolution of the universe and celestial bodies, as well as to push the frontier of physics
  3. Chinese hackers win 2017 world hacking contest
  4. When China stops copying Western tech giants is when they should start worrying
  5. US risks falling behind China in Supercomputing by 2020: Taihu Light triple the previous record-setting numbers of Tianhe-2. Achieved using Chinese designed 28nm SOC architecture. Coupled with high performance computing advancements, three Chinese research teams finalists for 2016 Gordon Bell prize
  6. Ancient skulls found in China could belong to an unknown human species
  7. China's police are now shooting down drones with radio-jamming rifles: The rifles don't come cheap, at 250,000 yuan ($36,265) each, and they will have a range of roughly 1 km (0.6 miles)
  8. Mate 9 Durability Test - Bend Test, Scratch and BURN test
  9. Changing weather patterns are trapping pollution over Chinese cities: study published in journal Science Advances. In the high polar regions where sea ice is decreasing and snowfall is increasing, this keeps cold air from getting into the eastern parts of China where it would flush out air pollution
  10. Chinese researchers announce designer baby breakthrough: Chinese researchers used a genome editing technique called CRISPR to rid normal embryos of hereditary diseases that cause blood disorders and other ailments
  11. Regular Tea Consumption Reduces Risk of Neurocognitive Disorders in Older Adults, Study Says: “Based on current knowledge, this long term benefit of tea consumption is due to the bioactive compounds in tea leaves, such as catechins, theaflavins, thearubigins and L-theanine,” Dr. Feng said
  12. Microsoft delivers secure China-only cut of Windows 10
  13. NSA, DOE say China's supercomputing advances put U.S. at risk
  14. Huawei P10 and P10 Plus high-end smartphones. Bonus: Watch 2
  15. China And Israel Tech Ties Grow Closer With $10M Deal For 3 AI Centers: house R&D facilities that will work toward commercialization of artificial intelligence
  16. Chinese scientists repurpose silkworms as virus shredders: researchers transformed a popular gene-editing tool into a weapon that the silkworm can use to shred deadly viral strains into fragments, according to a paper in the latest issue of the Journal of Virology
  17. CRISPR May Speed Pig-to-Human Transplants: George Church and cofounder Luhan Yang's eGenesis developing two different designs. One is for a pig with a “humanized” immune system and the other is for a pig cleansed of risky viruses
  18. Earliest Mushroom Fossils Found in China: They are well-preserved in Burmese amber and are the first ever complete mushroom fossils ever found
  19. China’s push to become a tech superpower trigger alarms abroad: China’s technological might alongside efforts to restructure its industrial policy through a scheme known as Made in China 2025. Billions of dollars have been pumped into research and the acquisition of overseas assets
  20. Inside Tencent's AI Lab: How It Created China's Own AlphaGo In A Year. AI Lab was officially established in April 2016. Currently has over 50 AI scientists (90% of them with PhDs) and over 200 engineers focused on computer vision, voice recognition, natural language process, and machine learning
  21. China’s Hybrid Kinetic targets Tesla with Italian styling, turbine range extender: designed by famed Pininfarina, creator of the Maserati Birdcage and many Ferraris, uses a small turbine as a generator when battery charge runs out, range of over 600 miles on both battery and turbine power
  22. China is on the path to global technology dominance
  23. Chinese scientists breed world's first 'space mangoes': "Space mangoes are expected to be insect-resistant, of higher quality and provide more output," said Peng Longrong, head of the project
In Economic news
  1. How Bitcoin Could Save China’s Economy
  2. UN agency: China has explosive growth in patent applications. The U.N.'s intellectual property agency says China is showing "quite extraordinary" growth in international patent applications, putting Chinese applicants on track to outpace their U.S. counterparts within two to three years
  3. Secretive billionaire Duan Yongping reveals how he toppled Apple in China
  4. Tencent becomes China’s first $100 billion brand
  5. WIPO chief calls China's patent application growth "extraordinary": "China-based filers are behind much of the growth in international patent and trademark the country continues its journey from 'Made in China' to 'Created in China'," WIPO Director General Francis Gurry explained
  6. China's extreme income inequality appears to be improving after decades of deterioration -Quartz
  7. Chinese company Geely saves UK company from closure, creates local jobs while fast-tracking transition to Electric Vehicles
  8. Chinese investors look to hockey as NHL tries to expand footprint
  9. China May Set New Rules to Curb ‘Irrational’ Outbound Investment This Year: The state foreign exchange regulator has said the government will more closely monitor "irrational" investment in property, entertainment, sports, and other sectors
  10. Why Airbnb won't find a home in China anytime soon
  11. Trump's U.S. jobs push may open doors to China in Mexico: ICBC bank
  12. China Bets on Sensitive U.S. Start-Ups, Worrying the Pentagon
  13. China to cultivate more skilled workers
  14. Competition From China Reduced Innovation in the US
In Military news
  1. Beijing Goes Global: China Expands Marine Force 400%, First Overseas Military Base Almost Complete
  2. Bangladesh Navy Commissions Two Type 035G Diesel-Electric Submarines from China: First ever in of history Bangladesh Navy has inducted two submarines BNS Nobojatra’ andBNS Joyjatra’ to its fleet
  3. China to boost marine corps by 400pc to enforce growing world influence: This includes plans to deploy detachments to secure the ports of Djibouti, on the strategically significant Horn of Africa maritime chokepoint, and Gwadar in southwest Pakistan
  4. China, Pakistan agree to further increase military cooperation: China’s leadership appreciated Pakistan’s fight against terrorism with a special mention of eliminating Al Qaeda, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and the East Turkmenistan Islamic Movement (ETIM)
  5. Can China leapfrog the US in the scramble for the world’s best aircraft carrier? Ma Weiming, a top engineer working on the project, said on the sidelines of the National People’s Congress that China had made breakthroughs in its advanced ­arresting gear (AAG) system, while the US had stumbled
  6. 5 Ways Russia and China Could Sink America's Aircraft Carriers
  7. PLA Navy replaces ceremonial sabers with traditional Jian sword (x-post MilitaryPorn)
  8. Wei Yiyin, CASIC deputy general manager, confirmed the company is focusing on the development of a long-endurance stealth drone and a near-space drone. "can play an important role in high-resolution reconnaissance, long-distance precision strikes, anti-submarine operations and aerial combat"
  9. Russia, China making gains on US military power: “It’s not just one area or few areas. If you look at the evolution of [China’s] military over the last 15 years … it’s rather astonishing. Ballistic missiles, air defense, aircraft, electronic warfare, naval vessels” Ochmanek said
  10. Taiwan confirms China's deployment of DF-16 missiles: The DF-16 represents an increased threat to Taiwan because it is difficult to intercept with anti-ballistic missiles systems such as the MIM-104 Patriot PAC-3
  11. How China is preparing for cyberwar: Chinese military analysts often write of the PLA’s need to seize information dominance at the beginning stages of a conflict with a technologically advanced adversary through cyber attacks against command and control computers as well as satellite networks
  12. Battle Lasers! US, Russia, China Develop Brighter Beams for Blasting Enemies. China presented its Silent Hunter laser system at the International Defense Exhibition and Conferencein February. Low Altitude Guard II land mobile complex, was presented at a defense exhibition in South Africa
  13. Chinese President Xi Jinping again called for deeper military-civilian integration and emphasized science and technology innovation as the key to upgrading the technological capabilities of the People's Liberation Army
Other Notables
  1. The Legacy Of The Mississippi Delta Chinese
  2. DJI – Mavic Pro: The Art of Form
  3. Chinese maths textbooks to be translated for UK schools
  4. Pictures: Hailuogou, a wonderful glacier forest park
  5. Chinese Deaf Dance Team - Thousand Hands of Buddha
  6. Chinese woman making a DIY lunch at work
  7. Chinese man without hands sells clay figures that he makes for a living
  8. Bus stops in Suzhou
  9. Thoughts on the argument that china will be hamstrung because it is surrounded by hostile neighbors
  10. China welcomes Disney film’s gay content
  11. Foreign Internet Celebrities Skip China’s Firewall By Using Chinese Social Media Sites
  12. Could The Chinese Be The Next Dominant Force In Competitive Surfing? As the Chinese gear up for their first furore into competitive surfing at the ISA's this year, we look forward to the future. Despite a distinct lack of interest in surfing, they have set their sights to qualify for 2024 Olympics
  13. Panda Diplomacy: The World’s Cutest Ambassadors. It’s thought to have started as early as the Tang Dynasty in the 7th century when Empress Wu Zeitan sent a pair of bears (believed to be pandas) to Japan. This Chinese policy of sending pandas as diplomat gifts was revived in 1941
  14. Why China Must Confront North Korea
  15. How China ended the era of western domination
  16. Legendary sunken treasure discovered in Southwestern China - Xinhua
  17. Question, Are people overstating the importance of Military Alliances for China's Foreign Policy and its competition with America?
  18. Sinology by Andy Rothman - Trump, Trade & China Part II
  19. Global Times: Novel exploring excesses of 1950s land reform draws criticism from Maoists
  20. West must drop double standards on terror
  21. 16 women who changed Chinese art
  22. Unravelling the Tang: The Qiu Fu and Pang Xun (858-860), and Huang Chao Rebellions (878-880)
  23. Jenna Cook: The adopted girl claimed by 50 birth families - BBC News
  24. Why do Chinese students have higher test scores than Americans?
  25. Chinese Army in (Pakistan) 23rd March Parade
  26. 'My Life, My China’: Chinese journalist refused to cave in for the BBC - CGTN
  27. Huangguoshu Waterfall Shows Charm
  28. Chinese web novels help American man to conquer drug addiction
  29. Question: How much did the Cultural Revolution really Destroy?
  30. Translation of Chen Shou's official JS biography
  31. Chinese Opera Singer Nails The Impossible Alien Diva Song From Fifth Element
  32. Train route runs through an apartment block in Chongqing, China (x-post interestingasfuck)
  33. Pictures: Amazing Yuanyang Terrace in Yunnan, China
  34. Chinese peacekeeper puts love for daughter in sketches: During his posting in the West African nation, he missed his daughter a lot. "I wanted to give a special memento to my daughter," said Du
  35. Shennong: The God-King of Chinese Medicine and Agriculture
  36. Article in WSJ claims China is using pandas for "Geopolitical Domination"
  37. Korean here: what is your opinion about the installation of THAAD in korea and the subsequent boycott of Korean Goods?
  38. Translation of Huangfu Song's official HHS biography
  39. Western Documentary trying to smear China backfires as many western commenters defend China
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I have a wild plan

In light of recent events in my life I've been allowed by fortune and fate to buy my first bitcoins. I've spent a lot of time (researching) and money proportional to my income to invest but it was well worth it not for the pure sake of investment but for the sake of knowing. Knowledge, as I'm sure many of you are aware, is power. Sadly for me I began feeling awful at all the schemes I began to concoct and bitter realities I face when confronted with multiplying returns. I saw myself say "just one more trade for profit and I'll donate," but I didn't trade right away and I saw myself uncheck the solar panel from my online amazon cart just to secure that toy I always wanted. I reverted back to my childhood selfish ways of hoarding Legos my friends would trust me to play with. I learned a hard lesson as a child. Hiding from your friends what they lent you is a sure fire way to lose a friend and a better way to lose anybody worth playing Legos with. After my most recent fortune of finding a disability card with all the disability money I misunderstood to have never been paid I went shopping for groceries and a new bank to help me expand my business plans for biycoin. On my way in I encountered a bell ringer searching for donations to charity. I had no intention of giving anything until I left and only because I had loose change did I drop anything in the bucket.
For 4 long years I have suffered a hell few people can know the full exten of. I've learned hard lessons after 23 years of textbook. At my age of 27 I feel I'm on the berg of a breakthrough.
Peak oil faces soviet and renewable energies are gaining traction, but the transition is slow. Time I fear is our only enemy but more so is the threat of global conflict as a result of poor leadership. We've dodged the bullet for now but I expect oil prices to spike in the next two decades if alternative energies aren't widely available. More portably is the psychological components associated with investig in solar and wind. On a windy night like tonight it may seem the windmills are worth Teiresias weight but pictures of dead birds, windmills ablaze and fallen windmills are enough to dissuade the investors in it. Solar, to most energy engineers is considered a joke. But not to people who cannot always rely on their aging power grids. The most psychologically binding and worthwhile endeavors happen to be those of great feat and ingenuity. The final frontier is a fantastic show when confronted by man and woman of the stars. Going into space is not a necessity but a nerds pastime. No immediate returns come from space exploration except unity psychological ones. I believe however that a more robust space program is necessary to build for tomorrow. The lessons learned in space may give mankind the edge needed to overcome the problems faced on earth. Learning to work together again as opposed to the competitive factions of corporation and nations. Competitions are good, as in competitions to build te best barn or gather the most fruits. To compete to see who an kill the most neighbors or throw the hardest, blunt, damaging strikes to the other are of little value to society. Perhaps only on a psychological one do fights like those in the arena have any actual point. Bread and games pacified the Romans during times of hardship. Better to see another suffer with food in one'a own belly than to suffer hungry and in solitude. This year hundreds of millions of first world citizens will watch the games and still more will demand it up close and vivid. The roads will crack, bridges creak, and rails go rusty but the games will go on.
I ask this of you. To vote with your wallet and make the rift loves while you're sober without absolute power. Put your money where your dreams are and help put good people where they belong. Elect a leader who does know the facts and will follow through. But be damn sure he is not stopped by the same old party. Elect his opponents carefully too an don't take electoral college for an answer. Vote with cash for a very real space program and program to fix the slowly dying infrastructure of roads and energy that are determined to fail if ignored for much longer. Lastly put the good people with starving families in conditions thy can hope to flourish in. The hungry won't remember your charity if it's too late, they will be gone and with them the only labor and services depended upon nu a living society.
Renew renew renew. Energies and leaders alike need to be refreshed. But so to do te instruments of learning. Ingenuity and science make no headway in a pot of stagnating routine. Renewable energy isn't a matter of want or desire but a matter of life and death. Millions of livin things died and formed the most precious compost heaps imaginable so we could drive to work every day. The reserve that our infrastructure depends on are dwindling. Imagine what you will do when the roads are in disrepair and the communities cannot afford to drive to the sites let alone repair them because their equipment costs too mic precious oil to repair and to much precious oil to run. The last secluded tribes will have the last laugh when we o hungry because most people live to far from anything to actually make a living from.
Do we revert back to tribal life now and gain experience livin off the land like our ancestors did? Maybe. Do we use what fortune we have to craft a better tomorrow with alternative technologies? Always. The very real opportunity with biycoin is the freedom allowed. So much freedom leaders are afraid of its potential misuse by the patrons of it. Our founding fathers would share this uneasiness. IF The slaves were suddenly capable of making and spending money as the please. The reality is technology is moving faster than public awareness. I told three people at work about biycoin and they did not know what it was. I had plans to open up a biycoin shop and fleece my neighbors before my conscience got the best of me.
I have one set of goals and some backup plans if they fail. First and foremost, secure the next 200 years for the next generation of people. Second, to right the wrongs abroad and nationally and bring those responsible for their crimes to the justice the deserve. And lastly to pellet a disciplinary program that doesn't neuter prisoners, junkies, and deviants of their ability to recover and rejoin society. A police state will only stem the bleeding but a state allowed to self govern and self sustain will be more viable and productive between states than one condemned to tyranny. Transparency in power is key. If the powerful aren't transparent how can the be trusted? Arbiters, as I'm sure you are all familiar, are they key. Disinterested parties that gain nothing from helping or hurting one party or the other. A third party has never seen real life in the American government but I propose, guided by my outlined goals already mentioned, that a third party paid for by bitcoin and untouched by the fed ca. Accomplish what needs to be do e for the good of humanity. I'd like to form a slaves republic made by the slaves for the slaves and owners. A party that seeks the honest and most utilitarian approaches to handling tomorrow's problems by using tomorrow's approaches. Too long have we be riding the dying mastodon of status quo. It's time to find our legs beneath us and run!
If you'd like to contact me personally I respond to [email protected] I have .83 bitcoin and 4530 us to my name. Implementing my goals will cost a lot and require a paid party. I'll take applications for membership on a person by person basis. If you'd like to contribute please contact me and I'll do my best to make things like high speed rail a thing of the near future and hunger a thing of the dieting only.
Together we can build something with Legos instead of keeping everything we find. Synthesis of mind and resource is the real form of profit.
Thanks for caring.
Applications for campaign map cartographer and grassroots awareness area top priorities. After that editors and writers plus ad campaigners for radio and television projects. I'm not going to bother editing my draft. People make mistakes, and people watching can see past them if both individuals are clever. I'm open to suggestion as to what the first baby steps will be. I believe teleconferencing and hard research needs to be done if there is any real chance to gain traction needed before the next 3 elections (the window within which policy change may alter the outcome for the next few centuries for the better). I'm also not a fool. While optimistic, I do expect setbacks. Shit happens. I need backup planning and coup for getting people back their money of things fail.
-Andrew T. Mclennan (ATM) Bitcoin shareholder 13-present UC Davis 09 De La Salle 04 Bitcoin account In an effort to remain transparent I ask you submit evidence of any contribution in the comments section so everybody can see how muh and when you donated.keepig a running total of all treasury will keep people in the know. If this grows enough a treasurer will be needed. alpha centuari is the limit!
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[Table] IAmA: I just filmed with my childhood hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger and I produce the #1 Online Cooking Show EpicMealTime… Ask Me Anything!!

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Date: 2014-03-04
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Questions Answers
Have you ever made schnitzel the centerpiece of an Epic Meal Time? We have never made schnitzel the centerpiece of an EpicMeal. We saved that one for you and we're going to cook it with whoever wins by buying themselves something at Link to And now I'm kind of glad that we never made schnitzel yet!
Who would you most like to eat bacon off of? Hi Katie! Thanks for coming! I'd say Betty White. Slowly eat bacon off of her at first...but then harder and faster all night long.
What happened to Muscles Glasses? MusclesGlasses quit to do something that involves infinitely less bacon.
Did you guys get used to all that Fat and Alcohol? We got fatter and we like all of our drinks straight now. Does that answer the question?
How long are the hangovers after filming and Episode? We film during the day, so the hangover is just a pre-sleep headache.
Hey Harley, how can I convince my parents that cooking bacon in the microwave is inferior? Blind taste test. 2-for-1 special. Subdue your father. Blindfold him and conduct the taste test. Now you've demonstrated your point and also let him know that you are the Alpha of the family now.
After making that video with Arnold, have you started lifting more? No...but I flex my bicep and look down at it while frowning a lot more.
That just a typical week for me. That's just a typical weak.
Have any PETA-like organizations tried to shut you down? If so, how did it go? No. They know not to fuck around.
If you could have any professional wrestler from the past or present on your show right now who would you want and why? And how was it driving in a tank with THE Arnold Schwarzenegger? It was surreal because here I am in this tank and Arnold Schwarzenegger is driving and I couldn't help but notice how my hair is so long it's in a ponytail for the first time in my life...which doesn't sound like a big deal but to me it was weird because in my head I'm thinking "I'm in a tank that Arnold Schwarzenegger is driving...and my hair is in a ponytail...who am I?"
Oh...also Goldust.
If you could get anyone to guest star on EMT who would you have? The President of The United States of America and his family.
How much bacon do you eat every day when you aren't filming for EMT? Also, how did you meet the artist we all know and love as Deadmau5? I eat bacon for breakfast almost everyday. I eat bacon for lunch about 30% of the time. Bacon rarely appears at my dinners but when he's a big deal. Like a slab of uncured bacon on a bun...delicious.
Are the videos bleeped to be more mainstream or because you think it's funnier? The bleep was to be mainstream, then we found it funny. Now it's tradition.
Hey Harley, big fan. I've been following y'all since Tequilla Taco Night and I must say I'm really impressed with how much EMT grew over the years. Great job! Question 1: What's your favorite luxury you've been able to indulge in since making it big on YouTube? Question 2: Your one liners always crack me up in episodes, are they most often improvised or written in advance? If written, how does that process work? Is it just you at a computer, or is the whole team involved? Thanks, keep up the good work! Question 1: I can finally afford a gaming PC Question 2: My one liners used to be written by me entirely. There was a short stint where Tyler would write the overall theme of the episode but even then he didn't write my dialogue or VOs. Now with all the other projects, I need support. I collaborate on the writing with @RobFee on Twiiter or @Hadzilla on Twitter. My buddy @Marlowned wrote a bunch for the latest Arnold video.
How was it being on the show with snoop dogg? And are you going to bring him in? Do you smoke? And finally. If you could pick any place in the world, where would you make the epic meal time show? Snoop is awesome! I would love to. ... We want to go to Africa and feed a village but that's a pipedream. There's so many things that could be taken as politically incorrect or offensive when all we want to do is go down and make something special. We don't even have to film it. We are involved in charities but to go there in person would be hopefully inspiring to our fanbase and maybe mobilize people. But we don't always make the best spokespersons and there's so much room for misinterpretations.
What is your favorite Schwarzenegger film? My favorite Arnold movie is Terminator 2. My favorite Arnold comedy is Kindergarten Cop. My favorite Arnold movie for laughing is Commando (even though it's not comedy) My most watched Arnold movie is Pumping Iron (I watch it Once a Month) My favorite holiday movie from Arnold is Conan The Barbarian (I know it's not a holiday movie, but I always watch it on the holidays).
So what is your all time favorite flavobrand of bacon? Hormel Black Label Bacon. Their Jalapeno Bacon is actually spicy and tasty. Their Cherrywood Bacon is probably the best bacon you can get at your local supermarket. Their thick cut is ridiculously prime. Their ready made bacon is awesome and you can eat it right out of the package. I think my favorite part of Black Label Bacon is they don't look at bacon as a gimmick that is bacon mouthwash or toothpaste. Bacon is meat. The best meat.
A long time ago, I heard that you guys finished all your meals. Do you still manage to eat all of it? No. Our meals are way too large now. We have given leftovers to soup kitchens many times. We also will slice up the not contaminated parts and refrigerate them for future consumption. Sometimes we find ourselves sharing a house for a while and it's not uncommon to have meat and whatnot leftover from previous Epic Meals. Sometimes the meal is just not salvageable.
If we met. Could we rub beards? Yes. But too sudden of a move and we end up fighting.
Do people often point out to you that the content/funniness of EMT has dropped off in the past year? How do you respond to the haters? When y'all cook with celebrities, do they reach out to you, or is it the other way around? I really enjoy your channel! People always point that out. They've actually been doing it since episode 3. It must have been not even our tenth episode (we're on 250 now) that people claimed we jumped the shark and we're done now. I decided long ago that we make the show with what we find funny and we still find it funny. That being said...when it's a bad episode, we know it. We still upload it though because we have a commitment and those things could push us harder. We've had celebrities like Deadmau5 and Simon Cowell reach out to us. But then it's me reaching out to Rob Van Damme.
Why did you grow a beard the size of the rest of your body? It's sweet as fuck, but I wonder why. It was initially the physical manifestation of my laziness and coincidentally enough I found myself at the forefront of this Beard Movement. I never though much of it. I just did it because I though it was badass yo! Now I have a responsibility. I just wanted to grow a beard and now I'm part of this culture and the weight of duty hangs from my face like a constant reminder.
Is your doctor a fan of EMT? I don't even see him. We don't want to look at each other.
What happened to GabeN's AMA? Also, nice beard! Gaben? He's here on Reddit today?!! I'm fucking excited for that AMA!!! I want him on EpicMealTime so bad.
Best tasting thing you've ever made on EMT? We made our own McRib...It wasn't an Epic was a Handle-It (where we show people how to make realistic meals) and we taught how to make a mcrib and it was incredible!!!
Ok, how much does a "Youtuber" make? 1 million dollars.
What's that in Youtube money? A dozen bitcoins or so.
I just wanted to stop by and say the last two episodes were a-ma-zing. I love that you did an episode with the Trailer Park Boys, have you ever considered collaborating with Deaner and Terry from Fubar? That would be my drunk Canadian trifecta. That would be hilarious!! Canada is hilarious. I would love Rob Ford on an episode.
How often do people ask to touch your beard, and how often do you use it to pick-up women? It's usually a younger boy or girl that is bold enough to ask to touch the beard which is strange. I don't want to tell the kid no, but I also don't want a kid touching me. I don't use the beard to pick-up women. It does it itself... let me explain: If you normally attract a certain type of girl, when you grow a large beard...a whole new type comes out of the woodwork and starts being interested. I assume this could be the same with tattoos and piercings.
Pussy or bacon? A pig's pussy.
What do you do on days you aren't filming? Play videogames and jerk off.
Are there any sneak peaks you can give us for VGHS season 3? :D Yes. I'm not in the 1st episode. I know this because I read that script and my name wasn't there. Also, there will be guns.
What do you normally feel like after eating one of those epic meals? 95% of the time I feel bad. I mean it's not so much the food itself but when we eat on camera there's a lot of pageantry when consuming. Before you know it you ate 3 burgers in 15 seconds.
What's up Harley? Not much. How about you?
When are we going to hang out and play video games? Halo or Battlefield?
What is the next step for Epic Meal Time? I remember talks about you creating a TV show. We are making a TV show now for A&E!!!
So when are you going to film with The Lonely Island and Jenna Marbles and make a millionaires of YouTube themed episode? I'm assuming you all live in LA now, so its gotta be plausible right? I'm not a millionaire. There's a huge difference between owning something and cash in your pocket. That being said...I'm ready whenever they call.
Who is one celebrity you would have a smoke session with? You are a stoner model man. You make the dankest munchies for a living. Much love for you man. Keep doing what you're doing. Also, /trees loves you. I love /trees... Bill Murray please.
What would you tell a new youtuber, to help them keep doing what they're doing and be better at it? That's a case by case. Now I'm 28 years old, so I am not the demo of a lot of YouTubers out there. But put a link up and I'll give you straight forward criticism. But keep in mind I may not be your demo.
A-WHATUP HARLEY! I love you and your beard! Seriously though, what was your favorite epic meal.. to eat or make? And also, I got a &baconstrip shirt so that I could give you some YOUTUBE MONEY! I appreciate the support. 84 Egg Sandwich!!!
Long time EMT fan! At what point did you guys realise you were "making it" and could quit your "normal" jobs and spend time having fun eating bacon? I quit before I 'made it'. But only last year was I able to hire my buddies and have them quit their jobs.
Who has encouraged you the most throughout your comedy career? My buddy Marlon and his wife. My brother and business partner. My parents. The biggest push comes from people that stand to make a profit off of me doing these things. So management and agency push hard for opportunities and stuff like that.
There is a set of coordinates in your Twitter profile description for a location in Montreal, which I presume is Epic Meal Time HQ. What would happen if someone were to hypothetically show up unannounced at this location? It's a random place!! I don't know where the heck that is. It's close to my house but not that close. It's weird.
Do you prefer "doe", "tho", "though" or "dough"? Should I draft Chris Davis, Ryan Braun or Adam Jones in the first round of my fantasy baseball draft this week? How much do white girls like nutella? BTW PKA 122 with Epic Meal Time last year was the GOAT. I prefer 'though' You're insane. You shouldn't pick any of those players. (Chris Davis though if you have no choice) They like nutella HELLA Thank you!!!
Whats your favorite kinda beer? I like Canadian Beers. But I'm in LA now so I get Bud Light Platinum. 6.1% Awhattup!!
Do you have a girlfriend? Where do you like to dripp that sauce of yours after you are done stuffing the love taco with your sausage? How much have you gained in weight since the start of EMT? HAHA!! THE HUMOR!!! I appreciate you brotha!
Are you thinking of starting to cut soon after this hell of a bulk you have accomplished? I don't cut.
What's the best smelling thing you've cooked on the channel? Always has been Candy Bacon. Perfect blend of sweet and savory.
What's your opinion on bacon? Not enough.
What WWE Legend would you like to have join you on Epic Meal Time? Goldust.
Yo Sauce Boss, Can I work for you? ;D. What are your skills?
Hey Harley. Whenever I'm feeling gluttonous, I watch one of your episodes on Youtube. Thanks! Between Betty Crocker and Paula Dean, who would win in a fight and how? Betty Crocker because she ain't racist!
Aside from getting fucked up on Jack Daniels and seeing what happens, what's the filming process like? How far out in advance do you plan meals? How long do you spend on the edit? What are you guys shooting on? Would you come to Edmonton and make a meal in a blizzard? It takes time to make a meal. We are about 4 episodes ahead and it takes 20 hours to fully complete one.
How have the friendships in the EMT group been affected by gaining so much popularity? I've noticed that a few of the guys are no longer on the show, and there doesn't seem to be any explanation :( Thanks for all the entertainment! There's a lot of egos at play here. At the end of the day, everything is my call. So sometimes people feel that I'm not making the right calls and they feel differently. So they leave. But then they have a bitterness towards me for not doing it their way.
Any regrets in the youtube business you have? No Master Yoda. I did and currently do what I want.
Yo! Who is more alpha; Arnold in his prime, OR, You with a sick beard cooking up some bacon? Always Arnold.
1.) First, when I first saw Epic Meal Time, I thought "This is awesome! What if they combined this with Iron Chef?" I'm not saying you stole the idea from me because, well, how COULD you? But, who or what DID inspire you to create Epic Chef? 2.) How many fish can you name? I saw all these TV shows being all like "Oh we use so much bacon! We're so edgy!!" and I felt it was encroaching on my brand. So i though I should take a stab at their shows.
What is the weirdest thing you have done with bacon? Wrapped my penis with it.
From a fellow beard lover, how do you take care of yours? Touch it non-stop. I'm a pretty abusive beard owner. I constantly touch it and pull it and fuck it.
Shit, Ive never been to an AMA this early. If you weren't doing YouTube, what do you think you would be doing? Going to auditions and teaching and filming wedding videos.
I have followed your youtube rise to fame since the beginning but so far my favorite Harley Morenstein moment was when you joined the crew of VGHS. I have two quick questions How was your experience with the crew of VGHS?, and Is there anything that would ever make you want to shave your beard? I love working with Freddie. He's a genius. If you ever thought I was funny in VGHS it's probably because Matt Arnold directed me funny. 1 million dollars.
I hope I'm not too late. Have you or will you plan on doing an EMT episode at a high end restaurant such as eating a ton of french food and sushi where instead of people freaking out over calories but of the bill instead? We want to do something super high end and then blend it and spread it on toast.
Hey Harley! Big fan here, what has been your favorite meal that you have ever created? And what is your all time favorite "next time we eat..." line at the end of the show? My favorite next times are so intense we don't use them. I love the 84 egg sandwich.
What's the most memorable meal you guys have done on EMT? (IMO The most epic was and still is the one with the quail inside a hen inside a turkey inside a pig). I agree. When we connected ten of those in Turbaconepicentipeded that was wild.
Do you plan on doing another round of Epic Chef? (That was awesome). Yes. If the timing works out. We're doing a tv show now.
Is there any meal that has grossed you out? If so; What was it? Fuck Turtle Soup!
Can I marry you? Also, do you love your job more and more everyday or has it lost it's luster? I love my job! I can learn to love you.
How do you guys stay healthy? I know Arnie's taken good care of himself over the years, but what about you young whipper snappers? I guys eat a lot of bacon! Arnold is sooo much healthier than us!
Would you consider having fans on the show...please? That's what the Arnold video was about!
As a Montreal-born Canadian living abroad in the US, I'd just like to tell you that you are one of my heroes. Breakfast of Booze is an all-time favorite short video of mine. 1) What was, to you, the most delicious meal you have cooked featured on an episode of EMT? 2) Possibly related to number 2, but what was your all-time favorite episode to shoot? 3) Any improvements to this recipe that you can suggest? 1) 84 Egg Sandwich 2) Cooking with Arnold 3) add pecans!
Does EMT use any partnership network? If so what are the benefits. Collective Digital Studios. They pitched and sold 16 episodes of EMT to A&E. They financed Epic Chef and they provide me with resources and bring brands to me to work with.
Honestly, how did the "Steak and Egger" taste and when is the best time to eat one? The best time is to eat one with Arnold. It tasted awesome. No joke I loved it.
How do your old students feel now that you're an alcoholic internet celebrity? Nobody believes them when they say it.
Where did the idea for the show come from? Drugs.
You guys are Canadian.. ever been to Victoria? or only the east coast? we have some epic eateries. I have family in Vancouver. Been there a whole bunch!
If you could take one part of your body and replace it with Schwarzeneggers' what would it be, and why? The hand. For Epic handshakes.
Do Ostrich eggs taste just like chicken eggs or is there a funky taste? There's a slight difference. I'd rather a dozen eggs than an ostrich egg.
After so many episodes, how do you keep fresh? I dont. Im disgusting.
Is co-creator Sterling Toth still involved with Epic Meal Time? No. He had been gone since within the first 6 months. The first casualty of my friendships with people involved in the business.
How often do you visit reddit and how good are your redditing skills? I'm here always, every day. My skills are shit. But I'm constantly practicing.
I've actually sent you a challenge at some point last year. You never got back to me, it was on one of the "Epic Meal Time" video comments section. But whatever, I understand your a busy man. My question is... What the worst diagnosis you or any of your cast has got from a doctor since you started the show? The doctor said we're fat. That's all. That's pretty bad though.
Hey Harley, been a fan since the beginning... just a quick question: how many pigs do you think you have eaten over the years? To myself 12. To EMT all together? 350.
Sorry but this is the question that needs to be asked at every AMA the lifelong question: Ass or Tits? Does the ass consist of the vagina?
You say your internet name is Harley Morenstein, is that not your real name? When did I say that haha?!
Mr Schwarzenegger, you are my bodybuilding idol and my friends and I have seen pretty much every one of your films... But I cannot express how disappointed I am that both you and Epic Meal Time chose to make a sandwich and not call it "The Arnie Sarnie". We still have another vid to I thought the Steak N Egger was pretty clever.
Easy. Kaiserschmarrn. Just googled it. Sounds like it was made to be paired with Candy Bacon!
Hi Harley, You used to work at my summer camp when I was young. You brought pizza to my cabin and I just wanted to thank you :) Cool! Which camp? Why did I do that?
Hey Harley, would you ever go back on Painkiller Already, you were awesome! Tell Woody to put me on!
Muscles Glasses on Halloween. Yup!
Oh shit, wow, the first time I catch an AMA in the making. I fucking love EMT and have tried to recreate some of the recepies! No real question, you are fucking cool as hell and I'm a big fan of EpicMealTime. That's awesome!!! You're awesome. I appreciate that.
What's a Canadian stereotype that you are guilty of doing. I say 'eh' constantly and apologize a lot.
Just wanted to say that you have inspired my friends and I to remake our 7 favorite episodes during senior week and we will be sure to show you how everything turns out. Tweet that at me @HarleyPlays!!!
Do another Hardee's commercial, I fucking dare you. I wish!!
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